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Welcome To Mid-Cape Dental Laboratory

The Trusted Name In Superior Dental Solutions

The Trusted Name In Superior Dental Solutions

The Trusted Name In Superior Dental Solutions

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We Accept All Digital Scans


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When our Doctors Thrive Mid-Cape Dental Laboratory Thrives!

Simple, Easy, Fast And Fun Ways For Your To Provide Extra -Ordinary Patient Care

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Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide your practice with exceptional customer service and high end results to fulfill your wants and needs. When Choosing Mid-Cape Dental Laboratory, Dentists will be worry free as we are skilled professionals and our staff is highly trained to complete any given task. We are keen in collaborating with you to connect the right treatment plan to each case to make each product unique.

Product Categories

Fixed Restorations

Mid-Cape Dental Laboratory has developed CAD/CAM processes to ensure precision in conventional restorations such as full-cast crowns, temporaries and PFM. From wax-ups to temporaries, every crown and bridge case is fabricated to seat quickly with minimal adjustment.

Removable Restorations

The technical team in Dentures have extensive knowledge and vast experience, and are especially helpful in providing sound advice when treatment planning. Our technicians have expertise in a wide range of techniques for design and finish of your removable cases. Consistent, predictable, esthetically pleasing restorations, trouble-free and long lasting.

Implant Solutions

Mid-Cape Dental Lab offers comprehensive dental implant planning services with full-time implant specialists who will assist you with restorative design options, price quotations, parts ordering and clinical appointment scheduling.

Radiographic and Surgical Stents

It is almost standard routine in treatment planning to use tomographic imaging with radiographic guides and surgical guide stents during placement of dental implants. Mid-Cape Dental Lab offers guide stents that can be used during imaging and then easily converted for use during dental implant surgery.

Digital Dentistry

Digital impressions not only save your practice money, they provide your patients with an easier, more comfortable procedure since there is no need for traditional impression materials and practically no chair time.

Our Lab saves You Time And Money

Our aim is to help you reduce your expenses and increase your profit margin. Our low price point, coupled with our rapid turn-over times and direct facilitation with your goals in mind allows us to be a top contender amongst the competition.

Mid-Cape Dental Laboratory delivers consistent,
immaculate work day in and day out . Every case is handled with the same urgency as the case before it. We listen closely to our customers and know that nothing brings about a more genuine smile than the experience of real value.

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