Atlantis Abutments

Our titanium milled denture overbar ensures no movement with implant-supported stability. Our zirconia hybrid bridge, fabricated from high-strength, high-translucency zirconia, renews everyday function for your patients while providing the lifelike esthetics of a natural smile.

Bar OverDenture

Our computer-milled bars deliver optimal fit and strength because we rely on the precision only CAD/CAM design provides. And by using titanium, bar overdentures also provide patients with reliable biocompatibility as well as being comfortable and lightweight. We use special jigs to verify exact implant location and ensure a perfect master cast and ideal passive fit. To make sure each patient gets the optimum end results, we will work with you to determine the ideal combination of hader clips, locators, and fixed hybrids.

Custom Abutments

Achieve the ideal abutment for every case when you select custom abutments from Mid-Cape Dental Laboratory. Digitally designed by Mid-Cape Dental Lab technicians and fabricated by implant manufacturers, custom abutments ensure a perfect fit with implants every time.

Screw Retained Zirconia

Predictability, strength, aesthetics and ease of use are of primary importance when placing implant supported crowns. It’s especially nice not to have to worry about excess cement that we often times see. Digitally fabricated means a perfect seat every time!